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About Us

Flying Stations is Philip 'Skippy Bing' Chandler, Fraser 'Sketchy 74' Paterson and Steven 'Nazca Steve' Beeny. Formed in the autumn of 2008 by a chance alignment of the stars, we pooled our resources and set up shop. Since then, we have been responsible for the Buccaneer, Wyvern, HMS Ark Royal and Victorious, to name a few, and our intention is to continue releasing high quality aircraft and ships for FSX and FS2004.  With backgrounds in design, modelling, engineering and real world aviation our aim is to utilise these skills allied with a possibly fanatical, pursuit of perfection to make the most accurate renditions possible of our chosen subjects.

Projects for 2012 include a new Hawker Sea Fury and Sea Hawk, as well as ongoing repaints and support for our current projects. Support issues and constructive feedback are always welcome and should be directed at our forum.

Flying Stations are proud supporters of the following charities and groups: Help for Heroes, Royal Navy Historic Flight/Fly Navy Heritage Trust, RAF Benevolent Fund and the Canberra WT333 Operating Team. Please donate as you can.

The Flying Stations team