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Fairey Swordfish for FSX

Fairey Swordfish Mk. 1 for FSX

Philip Chandler & Fraser Paterson - Textures
Mathias Pommerien & Philip Chandler - Models
Richard Ruscoe - Flight model and testing
Steve Beeny - Web Guru

*Update 12/8/11: Modification of Swordfish to use catapult launch to tame excessive launch speed in FSX Acceleration. Download link above.

The Fairey Swordfish Mk.1 for FSX models one of the most iconic Fleet Air Arm aircraft.  Featuring droppable external stores and carrier compatibility the Stringbag is the ideal accompaniment to Flying Stations HMS Victorious as her low speed handling makes approaches simplicity itself.  In addition she features a 'batman' gauge to provide extra guidance during the final stages of landing onboard.  Also included is a floatplane version that allows operations to be made from any water surface while still carrying the same external stores as the wheeled variant.