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HMS Victorious 1960s Fit for FSX

HMS Victorious for FSX

Fraser Paterson - Textures
Philip Chandler - Models
Steve Beeny - Web Guru

Arriving in post war Britain in October of 1945 Victorious spent her time collect servicemen and war brides from the Far East before undertaking deck trials of the Hawker Sea Fury in 1946-7. She then spent time in reserve and the Home Fleet Training Squadron before entering dry dock in Portsmouth in 1950.

In 1957 she emerged, during this time he hull was widened deepened and lengthened, propulsion machinery replaced and hangar height increased. The 4.5" anti-aircraft guns were replaced with new twin 3" turrets and her radar suite was extensively updated. For aircraft operations she featured the recent inventions of the steam catapult, angled deck and mirror landing sight. The length of the refit was in part due to the rapid progress in naval aviation during the period leading to several changes in the planned end state.

By 1960, Victorious was operating in the Atlantic and Mediterranean with an air group of Scimitars, Sea Venoms, Skyraiders and Whirlwind helicopters. During this period she also cross decked a number of USN aircraft. By 1964 Victorious had been modified again for operation of the Blackburn Buccaneer and this version will be released by Flying Stations in the near future.'

HMS Victorious for FSX