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HMS Victorious 1964-66 Fit for FSX and P3D

HMS Victorious for FSX

Fraser Paterson - Textures
Philip Chandler - Models
Steve Beeny - Web Guru

In 1957 Victorious emerged from a lengthy refit, during this time he hull was widened deepened and lengthened, propulsion machinery replaced and hangar height increased. The 4.5" anti-aircraft guns were replaced with new twin 3" turrets and her radar suite was extensively updated. For aircraft operations she featured the recent inventions of the steam catapult, angled deck and mirror landing sight. The length of the refit was in part due to the rapid progress in naval aviation during the period leading to several changes in the planned end state.

By 1964 Victorious had been modified again for operation of the Blackburn Buccaneer this included deletion of two 4.5" turrets to provide additional storage and accommodation, a met balloon shack on the port side of the round down and the replacement of the Mirror Landing Sights with Deck Landing Projector Sights. Additionally an Alaska highway was added to the starboard side of the island along with a maintenance facility for the deck tractors.

In her final configuration Victorious spent the majority of her term deployed to the Far East being forward based in Singapore.

During her final refit in the UK a minor fire broke out, and although extinguished relatively quickly with only minor damage, this was used as an excuse by the government of the day to decommission her early hastening the rundown of the UK's carrier capability.

HMS Victorious for FSX and P3D