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HMS Victorious Early WW2 Fit for FSX

HMS Victorious for FSX

Fraser Paterson - Textures
Philip Chandler - Models
Richard Ruscoe - Testing
Steve Beeny - Web Guru

The fourth ship to be named Victorious was the second Illustrious Class aircraft carrier to be ordered.  Laid down at the Vickers-Armstrong yard in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1937 she was launched in 1939, however she was not commissioned until 1941 due to the urgent need for escort vessels in the Battle of the Atlantic. 

Shortly after her commissioning she left Scapa Flow in the Orkneys to help in the Hunt for the Bismarck, Swordfish aircraft launched from the Victorious managed to find and strike the German Battleship, however the one torpedo to hit struck the armour belt and failed to cause any damage.

Subsequent service saw her involved in convoy runs to the USSR, operations in the North Atlantic and participation in Operation Pedestal to reinforce Malta and Operation Torch, the North Africa landings.

Subsequent to Operation Torch Victorious proceeded to the USA for a refit before operating in the Pacific with the US Fleet which was suffering a shortage of carriers at the time (1943).

The model supplied covers the time period up to the refit in North America.  Due to the multiple changes made to all vessels throughout the war it’s virtually impossible to tie the build state down to a specific point in time, however as marked she features Sea Hurricanes from 885 NAS who were embarked for Operation Pedestal in August 1942.

A subsequent model is planned to cover the period from her refit in the USA to the end of the war.

HMS Victorious for FSX


The installation routine will create a Victorious_1940 directory in the SimObjects/Boats folder, additionally required effects will be added to the Effects directory and a file containing the AI traffic routes for the Ark will be installed in the Scenery/World/Scenery folder.

Crash Barriers

The model features the crash barriers typical of axial flight deck carriers, note due to limitations with FSX it has not been possible to model the barriers so that they'll cause damage to your aircraft and you can in fact taxi through them with impunity.

To raise and lower the crash barriers it's necessary to include the following line in the [VCockpit01] section of the aircraft's Panel.cfg:

gaugeXX=FlyingStations!Hook.xml, 0,0,0,0
Replacing XX with the next number in sequence.

For developers the gauge merely converts the aircraft's hook state to a local variable - (L:HookPosition, number), 100 being down, 0 up.

AI Routes

The first route included replicates the route followed for Operation Pedestal in August of 1942.

HMS Victorious for FSX AI routes

Victorious passes South of Gibraltar around Midnight Monday, an included saved flight places the default Cessna on the flight deck early on Tuesday morning with the ship heading East towards Malta.

The second route has Victorious leaving Scapa Flow at 1200 Monday heading towards Iceland. She departs from a Fjord North of Reykjavik at 1000 Wednesday for the return journey. The round trip is repeated again later in the week leaving Scapa Flow at 0200 Friday morning, arriving Iceland 1530 on Saturday before departing again at 1800 to arrive off Scotland at 0930 on Monday.

HMS Victorious for FSX AI routes

Saved flights are again included, one off the North Coast of Scotland outbound to Iceland and the other departing Hvalfjord for the return journey.

Contact Details

Any problems or questions about the Ark should be addressed to our forums.

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